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Developing a new sovereign supply chain for 5G devices to be developed in the UK

The project

The ORanGaN project, supported by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), is developing a UK sovereign supply chain by focusing on UK manufacturing processes for RF-GaN products and devices, which are critical to the development of 5G communications.

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Developing a new UK RF-GaN supply chain

ORanGaN is creating a new UK sovereign supply chain to enable the development of radio frequency (RF) gallium nitride (GaN) products and devices. ORanGaN brings together lead partner INEX Microtechnology as well as Custom Interconnect Ltd, Compound Semiconductor Applications (CSA) Catapult and Viper RF. 


The supply chain is focused on bringing together UK manufacturing processes and packaging solutions by manufacturing semiconductor components such as Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Chips (MMIC).

“The ORanGaN project is a testament to the UK’s robust compound semiconductor design and manufacturing capabilities and is poised to unlock commercial prospects both domestically and internationally."

Andrew Stokes, Programme Manager at Inex Microtechnology Ltd

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