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Spotlight on: Custom Interconnect Limited (CIL)

ORanGaN is building a new sovereign supply chain to develop UK radio frequency (RF) gallium nitride (GaN) products and devices to be used in 5G communications. Find out more about Custom Interconnect Limited's (CIL) role in the project below:

The project is developing new manufacturing processes and packaging solutions to create 5G components such as Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit Chips (MMIC).

MMIC chips are used in power amplifiers— components that boost signals before they are transmitted from a base station to smartphones and computers.

CIL joins the ORanGaN project to provide the electronics and packaging of the MMIC chip.

CIL’s contribution to ORanGaN centres around creating a UK based semiconductor packaging facility and then the capability to package RF MMIC devices.

Up until this point, nearly all packaging of this style is based in the far east, with little or no capability in the UK.

This packaging solution will include Die bonding using epoxy, eutectic solder, and silver sintering, Wire bonding using Au wire with low loop heights for 40GHz frequencies and Plastic overmold in QFN package style devices.

During this project, CIL has installed the capability for low, medium, and high-volume production quantities as well as multiple SMT lines to place the RF MMIC QFN devices onto PCBA.

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