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CIL's BP2 semiconductor packaging facility now fully transferred and online

On Wed 1st Nov 2023, CIL completed its transfer of all micro-electronics and power device staff and equipment into its new world class semiconductor packaging facility and it is now fully on-line.

This new facility houses a micro-electronics and power device engineering team of 30 engineers and the cleanroom production facility houses a further 20 persons in a highly automated production facility. It is also planned in November 2023 to expand both the staff and facilities further to include a vo

lume PCBA production facility to feed into this micro-electronics facility. This expansion will be press released very shortly.

Contained within the 15,000sq ft ISO7 cleanroom is a segregated room with specialist LED lighting to house CIL’s wafer dicing capability complete with DISCO DAD3361 dicing saw, water treatment and wafer mounting equipment. CIL is now receiving custom die from its customers, dicing and then providing full assembly services either into custom packaging solutions or bespoke devices for SMT assembly within CIL.

This new semiconductor packaging facility has the following equipment

  • 2 off DATACON 2200EVO Auto die bonders for die placement using Si, SiC, GaN and GaAs devices

  • 2 off HACKER Auto die bonders mainly placing Si based devices

  • 2 off manual die bonders

  • 5 off ASM 589 Auto Al/Au wedge bonders

  • 2 off ASM EAGLE60 Auto Au Ball bonders

  • 1 off K&S Asterion Heavy Gauge Wedge wire bonder

  • 1 off DAGE 4000 die shear/wire bond pull tester

  • 1 off DAGE Prospector die shear/wire bond pull and full diagnostic test system

  • 3 off Nordson Asymtek S2-920 Auto dispense systems

  • 1 off DAGE Quadra7 X-Ray/CT Scan system.

  • 1 off Nordson GEN7 Scanning Acoustic Microscope (CSAM)

  • 1 off Keyence VHX7000 Digital Microscope with sub-micron laser measurement

  • 1 off Boschman Sinterstar Innovate F-XL sinter press for silver sintering of SiC & GaN die, SiC & GaN packaged devices and power module to base plate sintering.

  • 1 off Boschman Pre-heat and cooling tower system for silver sintering

  • 1 off Boschman UNISTAR Auto plastic overmold machine. This is capable of over-moulding BGA’s, LGA’s, QFN’s, Plastic IC’s, Power discrete and Power modules.

  • 1 off Scheugenpflug VDS U1000 / LP804 VDU Auto epoxy fill system

  • 1 off DISCO DAD3361 die and device wafer saw system complete with wafer mounting equipment and water treatment plant.

  • 1 off flux free soldering system and lid sealer

  • 12 off Nitrogen storage cabinets

  • 6 off 3D Printers

  • 50 staff of which 30 are engineers

Further equipment already on order and due to be delivered in 2023 includes

  • 1 off DATACON 2200EVO Auto die bonder, this will give CIL 5 off auto die bonders in total

  • 1 off ASM 589 Auto Al wedge bonder, this will give CIL 9 off auto wire bonders in total

  • 1 off Nordson Asymtek S2-920 Auto dispense system, this will give CIL 4 off auto glob top systems in total

CIL is now on an almost permanent recruitment drive for engineers, technicians and staff to ensure that the UK has a premium world class semiconductor packaging facility to allow its customer to develop and manufacture in the UK. This facility, the UK's largest will shortly be enhanced as other production areas withing the same building come on-line include volume PCBA production for micro-electronic assemblies. These SMT PCBA will be both Chip-on-board (COB) assemblies going into the cleanroom for die assembly and also PCBA's being assembled using devices packaged in the cleanroom to give CIL's customers an advanced UK assembly facility. This 15,000sq ft ISO7 cleanroom is stage 1 of a 5 stage fit out on the new premises and stage 2 comes on-line in Nov 2023. This new facility is in addition to CIL's existing CIL House facility which houses a dedicated prototype SMT PCBA line and a further 5 off production SMT PCBA lines for small to medium complex PCBA assemblies. It now means CIL is able to offer a dedicated prototype SMT line, 5 off lines for small to medium volumes and in the BP2 facility, volume production capability.

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